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    Editorial: Who Pays Fighter Health Insurance

    President of Elite Athlete Management, [I]ErikW[/"]No BS Martial Arts - View Profile: [email protected]@[email protected]@View Profile: ErikW</title>@@[email protected]@ErikW contrasts the regulations with the way some shady promoters do business, on the subject of Who's Responsible for Fighter Health Insurance. Here's a snippet:

    Worse yet, there are promoters out there who are taking advantage of unrepresented or under-represented fighters who simply don’t know what they are responsible for. Many times a new fighter will be told by the promoter that the fighter is responsible for a deductible; when actually, the state prohibits such a charge. Many promoters rely on the fact that a new fighter is simply trying to get experience and will not either research the state statutes or boxing commission rules or, even if they know, they will not “
    rock the boat” by reporting the promoter’s violation to that state’s regulatory agency.
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