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    Video: Fedor and Mousasi Training

    Fedor and Gegard Mousasi doing a bit of no-gi grappling:


    ... if any of you sambo players have the time, I'd very much like to learn the sambo names for the super-slick takedowns Fedor uses in this video. Thanks in advance!
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    Fedor is one slick mofo, that's for sure. I don't know the SAMBO names for the throws, but I know most of the Judo ones.

    0:52 uki-goshi/o-goshi (the line between those two tends to blur in randori/shia)

    1:02 ko-soto-gari into ura-nage (I've seen a youtube of some Russian judoka drilling this combination. Pretty cool)

    1:10 koshi-guruma

    1:21 o-uchi-gari

    1:47 don't know if this has a Judo name, it seems more of a turnover than a throw/takedown.

    2:06 sasae-tsurikomi-ashi

    3:26 yoko-sumi-gaeshi with an ude-garami grip (I think... Yoko means side, so if I'm right it's very yoko indeed!)

    4:00 starts off as uchi-mata, but he reverses the direction. I'm pretty sure he turns it into o-uchi-gari, but it's hard to see for sure.

    All in all, it's actually pretty basic stuff (but done really really well). There's no reason you shouldn't at least have a passing familiarity with these if you do BJJ.
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