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    Sambosteve on TV - Set your Calendars!

    Sambo uberguru, Master of Sports, Master of Disguise, and Master of Disaster, Steve K (aka Sambosteve) will be representing his sport on an upcoming episode of Dhani Tackles the Globe. From our YMAS Forum:

    Be sure to check out the Season Finale of "Dhani Tackles the Globe" on Travel Channel. I travel with Dhani to Russia as one of his coaches for the show. I have not seen the final edited version yet, but it seems like it will be a great episode.

    Russia -- May 18 at 9 E/P

    Russia welcomes Dhani not only with homemade vodka, but also with the chance to become a true Sambo fighter. Sambo, the art of self-defense without weapons, proves to be a complex and challenging sport for Dhani. To prepare, he takes ballet lessons and visits a Russian military base, becoming an inspired and coordinated fighter.

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