South Carolina To Sanction Mixed Martial Arts (MMA)

Columbia, SC (AHN) - South Carolina will join the fraternity of states that sanction Mixed Martial Arts fighting, as the tight economy has made different means to generate money more appealing to policy makers.

Currently, the only states that have athletic commissions that do not sanction mixed martial arts are Wisconsin, South Carolina, Massachusetts, New York, Rhode Island, Connecticut and Vermont.

The UFC has had recent panels and meetings in Massachusetts, New York, West Virginia and Wisconsin, most of which went very well in terms of future sanctioning, according to promoters.

There has been some strong opposition in New York, however, as Assemblyman Bob Reilly leads a crusade against the spread of violence in society.

Hawaii recently approved legislation of the sport, but it has yet to go into effect.

Of the rest, Alaska, Wyoming, South Dakota, Alabama and Maine do not have athletic commissions, and will be likely last in line to approve the sport in their states.

South Carolina law previously banned fighting events - the only one ever held in recent history being on a military base, where the state had no jurisdiction.

Did you know South Carolina's state snack was boiled peanuts?
But seriously, it's unlikely the UFC would stage an event here due to the small population.

In mildly related news North Carolina sanctioned MMA earlier.
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