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Herring wants a good 'fight' for fans, as in a real fight, but with some variety. WWE stages bigger and bigger brawls for fans. Genuine Sports do not compare well with sports entertainment, which by it's nature, isn't competitive in any traditional sense (the bookers run that).

Pride rules are more exciting to me. Head stomps? that's a factor in a fight, that changes the entire strategy. Seeing guy after guy stuffed up against the cage, isn't necessarily the most entertaining thing for me.

Buying pride and not picking up so many of the contracts weakened the sport. They were making a power play, but recognizing it, doesn't require admiring it. I think it sucks, to have pride gone.
Elbows from above and walls/fences are factors in real fights, too, and constant restarts for sliding into the ropes aren't. So they've both got goods and bads.