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    World Zendo Kai Kan Karate Organization

    Hi, Ima student and I',m interested in fighting. I recently crossed upon World Zendo Kai Kan Karate Organization since I am in Jamaica there aren't many options. I don't know its background I have seen that they started a club at my school Campion Colledge but idk...so if anyone seen them or w.e. before I would like to know if its good.

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    I know it's an old post, but i trained with them for about 2 years from 2001 - 2003 when i was at UWI. I wasn't as consistent as i would have liked to be, but i made it to yellow belt (white, senior white, blue, senior blue, yellow).

    From my experience, it's a typical karate school i.e. loads of forms, very little sparring (when i was there), no recoiling strikes, no grappling (i'm not sure if they've updated their syllabus to include it).

    It was started by Sosai (at the time) Lambert Plummer, I think i've seen him calling himself Hanshi now on their FB page. I don't know if it is an internationally recognised system though since the head in instructor created it after having some disagreements with the heads of Seido Karate in JA. Still the instructors were knowledgeable esp the head instructors children Kim and Kristopher. There was a class taught at UWI 1 day during the week and then there was class on Saturdays at the main school.

    Some of their business practices were a bit iffy imho. I remember the other barbadian who trained there had a black belt in taekwondo and they taught him stuff so that he could skip a few belts but when he graded he had to pay for all of the intermediate gradings AND the belts which he never got :S

    All in all, it's a good school to go to if you are looking for an introduction to martial arts and some structured instruction. It isn't very applicable for combat though imho and i'm not sure if your rank would be internationally recognised so i wouldn't suggest that u train there exclusively.


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