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    Quote Originally Posted by Lord Skeletor View Post
    If I had it all over to do again...I'd rather have been a fireman. Everyone loves firemen. lol

    Quoted for truth!! :happy7:

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    Quote Originally Posted by Ka-Bar View Post
    There's a wide degree of differences in culture between so-called "Street Cop" agencies as well. The style of policing and the public you deal with is very different if you're a sheriff's deputy in Lancaster, versus one in Compton, versus a city cop in Beverly Hills, versus one in Glendale, Santa Monica, etc.
    ****, look at st. louis county. st. ann and normandy cops are the biggest bunch of hardened assholes you ever met. they treat everything like it's life or death (but it kind of is in those areas). while chesterfield, wentzville, and ballwin cops are pretty cool. they have nothing to do all day except traffic tickets and ****. pretty nice guys if you're not a turd when they pull you over (and they will in a heart beat because there is nothing else to do)
    Quote Originally Posted by JRT6 View Post
    Our chaplan is a rabbi and he is allways there when we need him.
    glad to hear it! get him to tell you some better jokes than i can offer. rabbi jokes are always on point.
    Quote Originally Posted by JRT6 View Post
    As far as being a fireman some of those guys near me are pulling in over a hundred grand a year.
    i wanna be a fireman now!

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