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    Great find.

    I was surprised that I could purchase a Dragunov Sniper rifle, as well as a 50 cal sniper rifle, as they are considered "Long Rifles" and as long as my paperwork and background check were clear, I could walk out with both. (I have been looking at various gun shops.....and found out the above info) (I wanted to make my statement to make sense)... :)

    Anyway, I have been looking at various weapons systems and having been in the Military before, I knew some of the basics that I wanted in a rifle/pistol.

    Keep us informed with your progress. How accurate are your weapons and what are the strong points of each?

    I am surprised that the assault weapons ban has not been re-instated. I hope that it is not.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Wounded Ronin View Post
    I'm not a woman. Um, sorry?

    I've just ordered 1000 rounds of Wolf Gold 7.62x25 from J&G. I'm sure that will be good.

    Just messing with you over the hands thing.

    Havent ever shot that before. I will look into getting so x39 from them.

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    Yeah, Wolf Gold products are non-magnetic, with copper jackets and brass casings. They're designed for the US market.
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