Mark your calendars! Saturday May 2nd will be the Valley’s next big fight night, showcasing live, Muay Thai kickboxing fights! After the great success of Fighter’s Realm 1, Warrior’s Realm Muay Thai and MMA Academy is pleased to be holding their second fight card, Fighter’s Realm 2 on Saturday May 2nd. This exciting event will exhibit the great power, ferocity and beauty of the authentic art of Muay Thai kickboxing. There will be some fantastic fighters participating from Warrior’s Realm and a host of other schools from around Vancouver Island as well as the Mainland and eastern Canada. Hailing from Warrior’s Realm and making their ring debut are Trevor Sinclair, Kelly Nicholson and Izak Van Bourgondien and they are ready to put on a great show. “I’m really excited,” proclaims Van Bourgondien, “I’ve been training really hard for this and I’m ready to get in there!” Sinclair echoes Van Bourgondien sentiments, “Yeah, I’ve been training for quite some time,” he says, “This is about taking [it] to a new level for me.” With elite schools such as Peterec’s Kickboxing, Canada’s Best Karate, Kai Sing Thong, Siam No. 1 and Extreme Couture participating, the level of excitement is sure to be through the roof!
Whether rookie or veteran the fights will be excellent! There is nothing of its kind offered here on the North Island and the event will really highlight the traditions of authentic Thai boxing! Furthermore, be sure to come on an empty stomach because the evening will be complimented with Thai food service from the Thai Village restaurant. “If you’ve never had Thai food, it’s defiantly worth a try!” exclaims one student, “and the Thai Village is second to none!” Come out for something new and exciting, and support your local fighters! For tickets or more information pertaining to this fight night or Warrior’s Realm please call 250-703-0092 or check out