my martials arts training at 6 mainly qigong or breathing techniques. As a child growing up in Vancouver, BC. Kung Fu wasn't taught to the general public and bruce lee wasn't a big figure yet. Parents brought us to what is termed as "athletic associations" really more like a daycare where they can drop the kids off and go shopping. Yes, there was a martial arts class, but as far as we knew as kids, you could participate or just run around the room and play all day.

Styles i began with included Choi Lee Fat Style, Yau Gung Moon, mainly southern Kung Fu styles. However, i kept an open mind and studied Jeet Kune Do and Preying Mantis (all with the emphasis on Kick Boxing and sparring) a preclude to mma.

As there are so many techniques one can draw from. Being able to execute a technique and knowing my own limitations (strength, flexibility, athleticism, balance, size and power) all come to play. I don't harp on what is more or less authentic.

My question is can you execute and learn to free yourself from styles and learn what can work for you at a given situation and time.

My focus in my old years is not in breaking bricks, but maintaining my own health and energy and if need be being able to harness that for self defense, protection. So what is more BS or less BS.

My philosophy, Look at your own BS before criticizing someone elses.

A thousand techniques cannot escape death... You grow old and die.
You can get shot, run over, drown, etc...etc..

But if you're going to learn something, keeping it as part of your life, be a practitioner, not just a philosopher will make it real for you.