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    A female boxing match in 1876


    Interesting article from Jason Couch over at martialhistory.com, detailing a pugilistic encounter between two women at Harry Hill's NYC boxing saloon. I've also read of mixed-style matches (boxing vs. savate, etc.) between women from the same era.

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    Great article. I love Jason's site.

    Owen Swift, in his Handbook to Boxing, notes several instances of Women being involved in old style Pugilism.

    Aug. 1793 “Two Females” their husbands for Seconds

    March 9, 1796, Wives of the combatants served as Seconds.

    June 5, 1795, “Mrs. Fielding beat a Jewess”

    Then there are some which may (or may not) be women, might be odd (by modern standards) nick/stage names, or something else

    --May 21, 1805, “Crib beat Ikey Peg” ???

    --May 3, 1814, Dolly Smith beat Dick Hares

    --Jan. 11, 1815, “Scroggins beat Dolly Smith”

    --1817, “Aby Bellasco beat Josh Hudson”

    --Sept. 30, 1817, “Randal beat Aby Belasco”

    Then there are a few fights which somehow involve a woman without her participating:

    Jan. 30, 1822, “Evans and Coulthorpe… £20 AND A WOMAN” [emphasis added]

    Mar. 12, 1822, “Collins (Ball-o’-wax) beat G. Lenny… for love”

    There are some other real gems in the Chronology as well. I’ll try to post of a few when I get a chance.

    Peace favor your sword,


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