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    Sometimes "OPSEC" is utter bullshit. In other instances it's "well fucking important!" as Ali G would say. This is one of the latter instances.
    Quote Originally Posted by Cullion
    You sound like a foaming-at-the-mouth-loon out of Dr. Strangelove.
    Sometimes, we put Ricin in the Cocaine. :ninja7:

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    Quote Originally Posted by SFGOON View Post
    How's about good backup weapons and ways to deploy and conceal them,.
    Excellent sharing for everyone, no not the bad people. They probably already know.

    Quote Originally Posted by SFGOON View Post
    moves experienced felons are using to defeat high-risk handcuffing techniques,.
    And counters to the counters on high-risk situational cuffing techniques. The average joe would be clueless anyway. Not to share with the bad people.

    Quote Originally Posted by SFGOON View Post
    how to recognize when someone is concealing a weapon during a traffic stop, that sort of ****.
    Or carrying in general. In a stop the first step is to ask. An on-going practice here is for "associates" to wear a glove to indicate carry or talk about their wife for location. Its pretty old but still done.

    Quote Originally Posted by SFGOON View Post
    The sort of info that could be life or death to officers but is useless to the average man on the street.
    That seems a bit selfish. Recognizing concealed carry could save a life that might be mine and/or yours.

    Quote Originally Posted by SFGOON View Post
    Honestly - the sort of info I'd be hesitant to share even with the military guys.
    A limited access forum for LEO and a separate limited access forum for military might be a better alternative.

    Much of this information is readily available if someone good guy or bad guy wants it: The last poster on the page has a well written general post.
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    Quote Originally Posted by white_kimbo View Post
    i was in the military, can i have a tag to play in the treefort?
    As far as I figured on the issue, tag doesn't = access.

    There are some really checked out posters here who are ex-military whom never picked up a Military tag and I personally would hope they join the forum.

    On the same note if that retard Reyzer actually tuned out ex or currently military and by rights got the little military tag should he have access to the forum? No, because he's an idiot.
    Yes there are retardes in the military and LE.

    I'm not sure what Phrost's ultimate guidelines will be on the issue but when asked I threw out what I thought.
    Current or ex Military or Law Enforcement.
    Doesn't have to have a tag but still needs reasonable proof of service.
    20 or 50 posts (can't remember)
    and (importantly) Be in good standing with the other members on bullshido and not post bullshit.

    Make sense?
    rw4th doesn't have a tag but I've seen him around other military forums and he's very checked out IMO. I wouldn't think twice about inviting him in and I'd personally vouch for him.

    Once the core members of the sub forum join they could take a look at someone like you for example and being ex military vote on whether or not to extend you an invitation to the forum.
    I say vote because you yourself have admitted to 3moose1 thread shittery and it would be up to everyone posting there to decide if you would **** the place up or not.

    With regards to opsec, like it's been mentioned if someone breaches it it will be deleted pretty quickly.
    I can disable one of US's new multimillion dollar armourd vehicles in a few seconds with a pair of pliers- I'm not going to talk about how do do that.
    I would however start a thread about dealing with stupid subordinates (probably giving a few examples), stuff like that while harmless isn't meant for public scrutney- it's unprofessional.
    I'd also start a thread about LE dealing with soldiers coming home from tours overseas and wanting candid input, I'd ask there. We've had some issues at my unit.

    Maybe just for fun too since I'm a trained x-ray image analyist technician I'd talk about how to sneak weapons through Xray machines at airports and shipping ports :qleft4:
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    first off, you beat me to the punch on that rayzer **** biscut. even if he does check out, i don't think anything good can come from him having access to the tree fort (that's what i'm calling the future subforum).

    secondly, there is a reason i never discussed my service in the past. i talked about getting a tag with phrost, but since i was discharged (honorable circumstances) very early into my 6 year enlistment he wasn't comfortable letting me have a military tag.

    i totally understand his view of the tag as being a sign of expertise in a military specialty and all i was an expert in was pushups (seriously, i could do hundreds of them at a time back in the day) and test taking.

    now, my personal view is that service is service and if you can prove you were there and came home with honor then you get the tag, but i wont be a titty baby about it because phrost has sound reasoning and the criteria are fair to all involved.

    but, here are the things i would want to at least be able to read about in the forum.

    1. dealing with combat related PTSD. my father is a compleat head case from his 3 combat deployments (2 vietnam, and desert storm). also, i have PTSD from non combat related trauma (long story, you don't want the details).

    2. discussing coming home from combat related fields to an honorable discharge and trying to fit into the world. i have had a number of friends who just couldn't do it and were in shitloads of trouble with the cops at every turn.

    3. boot camp horror/humor stories. i have some good ones to contribute including a guy sitting in the galley at lunch having an anxiety attack and screaming "I MISS MY MOMMA!"

    4. for LEO, dealing with community leaders or famous people who are in clear violation of the law. in my grandparents town, the mayors kid got picked up for shooting mail boxes (dozens of things like that have happened in my old home towns)

    5. interactions with loved ones post service. when i came home, things were very different with my family. people just didn't "get it", and those in my family that had served didn't want to talk about anything.

    6. finally, experiences of military personell who joined LE after discharge. how did it really compare? do you have advantages from your military days, or is your miltary history a bit of a liability?

    if i could be a member of the sub-forum, and discuss these things that would be great. if i can't, then i wont lose sleep over it. as it stands, i'm not expecting to get access to it and that is fine with me. i wouldn't understand half the jargon-ese that you guys use anyway.

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    I like the questions that White_kimbo has and I think these are good examples of stuff that would be talked about. I could tell stories about some things that I have seen but wouldn't want to air the dirty laundry. This would be a place where you could say some of the stuff. I also have some expertise in a couple of these fields. I haven't told anyone on here what my current job is, and I don't plan on it, unless it is on a close forum with people that I know can keep their mouth shut.

    For obvious reasons if you knew. It is not a secret, it is just for my own benifit of not getting hassled by everyone and their brother. But I also have a lot of resources that are available to me and I can anwer specific questions for military that are coming back from war.

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    so when is the tree fort gonna be up and running?

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    Can't believe I missed this. We had pple whining they won't be let into a sub forum?!?!?!

    No one complained that we have the Big Black Cocks forum and its exclusive, must be over 8 inches. However there are only 3 of us in there!


    The sub forum is a good idea. It should be invite only and not open to the general public. Hedge made that point clear, sorry man. I really don't see why pple are whining. If Phrost started a LEGAL sub forum for lawyers only I wouldn't be but hurt about it because a) I'm not a lawyer and really couldn't relate to what they would talk about and b) If I had question for them or wanted input there is still other means to ask. I'm kinda surprised this didn't come up earlier.
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