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    My review for the Berwyn Heights Goju-Ryu Club. Small right now, but growing steadily!

    The BHOGRC was founded in January, 2009, by Sensei Leon Swain, a 25+ year practictioner of Goju-ryu. Sensei Swain has trained under Sensei Jeff Furman. In April 2009, the BHOGRC was admitted into the Sho-Rei-Shobu-Kan Budo Organization, founded by Shihan John Roseberry.

    Classes are once a week, and are attended by both adults and children. Practice is not for pro-level competition, but rather for instruction in traditional Goju-Ryu and self-defense.

    Regarding the "Aliveness" rating, there are partner-compliant drills, but no point sparring. Board-breaking is performed occasionally to show the effect of proper form, as opposed to ego-driven aims.
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