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    I am not getting weight loss

    hey guys,

    I am 37. I have 148 pounds weight. I have been going to gym for 2 months. but, I am not getting reduction in my weight, as I want it remain 120 pounds. I am doing fasting too. But, there is no benefit of it.

    Can anyone suggest me what to do except going to gym and fast ?


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    Make a detailed list of the exercises you are doing, broken down by day of the week, number of reps, and number of sets per exercise.

    Also, make a detailed list of the type of foods you eat, down to the last cup of coffee, preferably with an hour attached to each meal.

    Also, put your gender and height. You need all four variables (age, gender, height and weight) to fully understand your make-up.
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    Why would you want to be 120 pounds, are you 3 foot high? Are you cutting for an upcoming fight or is this aesthetic?

    If this is aesthetic then you may still be dissapointed even when you drop all that weight, if you don't have reasonable muscle development a drop in bodyfat may not yeild the bradpittinfightclub physique I suspect you are aiming for.

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    148lbs is an excellent weight to be at unless you are incredibly short, and even then it's probably not an unhealthy or aesthetically displeasing weight.
    I would recommend NOT weighing 120lbs unless you are seriously 5' tall or shorter. Exercise for ability, not for aesthetics. And stop fasting. It's doing more harm than good. Eat 1800-2200 calories/day spread over 6 meals. Eat healthy foods, get a moderate amount of exercise, and enjoy being a healthy person. You don't need to weigh 120 lbs.

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    anyone find the humor in a person with the name ILoveRugby wanting to weigh 120 pounds?!
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    I'm 5'5" and scrawny as hell, and I weigh 135. Like everyone else said, you'd better have a damn good reason to weigh 120.

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    Alright, since I'm facing a similar problem I guess it's ok to just... jump in...(I do hope it's ok).
    First of all, let me state that my goal is (what a surprise!) fat-loss and muscle increase.
    I'm 22 years old, 6'06" tall and weight about 220pounds. I guess my current bodyfat level is about 22%. (I've only used some online calculators so I am not certain about the precision of the results)

    Short-term goals (that means, until mid-July) are making the fucking moobs and belly disappear. Or at least, reduced.:okay:

    Long-term goals are to become like the mannequin that's wearing the rupture long-sleeve on the left side of your screen.

    So, it's been a month since I've started kickboxing (after a six-month pause) and a bit of BJJ.
    My training includes weight-lifting as well. Here is a typical week of mine:

    1hr kickboxing, 20 minutes after class is over, weight lifting.
    Monday is chest and biceps day. 3 exercises for chest 4x8 and 2 exercises for biceps 4x8.

    1hr of BJJ and then 1hr of kickboxing conditioning in form of circular training. Exercises, include, but are not limited to, various forms of push-ups and crunches, skipping rope, kettlebell exercises, shadow-boxing etc

    Break. Stay at home and relax.

    1hr of BJJ. I skip the kickboxing conditioning to do some weight lifting
    Thursday is Legs and shoulders day. 3 exercises for legs 4x8 and 2 exercises for shoulders 4x8

    1hr of kickboxing, 20 mins after class is over, weightlifting.
    Friday is Back and Triceps day. Same format, 3 exercises for back 4x8 and 2 for triceps 4x8.

    I also do crunches and hyperextensions everyday.

    Saturdays and Sundays I go for a light jog at my own pace. Nothing extreme.

    Nutrition goes something like this: 5 meals a day, 3 major ones and two small snacks. I avoid the obvious bad stuff, such as junk food, refined starches, soda etc... After each workout, I make sure I eat something with protein in it, usually some tuna or salmon, a cup of low-fat greek yogurt or chicken/turkey etc

    So my problem is that I haven't shed a single pound of fat. I've added muscle-mass that's for sure. My lifts have increased and I can feel my muscles getting a little bit bigger. My stamina has also improved. I couldn't even make the warm-out at first but now everything's going ok. But the damn fat is still there which makes me frustrated. Of course I didn't expect miracles to happen in just one month but this is disappointing to say the least. If anyone would be so kind as to give me some advice I would be most grateful.

    Sorry for the long post. :SadTroll:

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    120? Seriously? I've got a 16 year old that weighs more than that, and he's a stick. A grown man should not weigh under 130 unless he's a) in a weight-class sport, or b) from Thailand.

    My advice: I cut from 226 to 180 by making Greek Yogurt and Tuna my staple foods, running, and following a reasonable lifting program.
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    So, in your opinion, my short-term goals are attainable?

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    Fin you're cluttering up the unlikely thread of iLoveRugby and its unhealthy desire to weight 120 pounds (unless you and iLoveRugby are one and the same)

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