I've recently suffered a broken tibia (the bulging part at the bottom-end of the inner-side of the ankle, which required surgery with screws to fix the bone into place.

The prognosis is for minimum recovery period of 6 weeks to walk, and at least 3 months for any kind of sporting activity.

The injury was sustained during Judo training. I'm wondering if there are any Judo, JJJ, or BJJ practitioners who have suffered similar injuries to their ankles requiring surgical treatment, and how it has effected training. How long did it take to get back into full condition? Did you need to wear a support or brace upon return to training? Did you suffer any complications, like spontaneous pains, arthiritis, re-breakage, etc.? And would it be wise to continue Judo with this sort of surgery, or would I be better off with something like Aikido or BJJ?

I'll be asking questions to my osteopath and physiotherapist later this month, but am also looking for answers from those who have experienced it first-hand.