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    How to take care of boxing gloves

    I'm not sure if this is the right place to post this in, but ill post it anyways.

    So I started boxing and I would like to know how to properly take care of boxing gloves. Ive read about the chips in a sock then stick them in your gloves trick and stuff, but i would like to know what I can do so that the leather of the gloves doesn't start breaking. so far, to let you know what I know:

    1. putting Lysol or some sort of disinfectant inside your gloves helps kill germs and bacteria which builds up after continual use. if you do not do that then you could run the risk of a staph( really?) infection.
    2. putting things like cedar chips in a sock, newspaper, or anything that can absorb water and odor inside your gloves is good so that it can keep your gloves dry. (and it can decrease the amount of bacteria which breed in your glove)
    3. drying your gloves is a must. it helps to rid the smell that builds up and it also lets your gloves dry up. just don't put them in direct sun light or the leather can begin to crack and fade. you can just leave them in a place which has plenty of ventilation or you can put them against a fan or AC. you can even buy a drying equipment for like 120 dollars at title boxing, but thats a bit too much if you ask me. though if you want your gloves to last, then it might be worth it?
    4. wearing clean wraps can help diminish the bad smell that some gloves get. I guess because the wraps don't smell bad, so it doesn't add to the smell. you don't have to wash your wraps every time with soap and stuff, just rinsing them with water makes a huge difference. but i don't really know why wearing clean wraps helps, just read it some where, so if anyone can verify this that would be great.

    as you can see, i know nothing of how to take care of the outside of my gloves. I have heard that some people use the regular leather shoe polish and such, but i don't know if thats a good idea.

    and if theres a thread like this one then could anyone point me too it? I've been searching for threads for a good 15 min and couldn't find one, so i figured id start one.


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    I'm a big believer in having multiples of **** and rotating them. Letting them dry out completely by themselves helps a lot. Find a place that's not very humid (laundry rooms are good) and let them hang. Don't smear anything on the face of the glove, that craps going to get over everyone and everything. Most people hold on to gloves too long. They're not meant to last forever and if you're using them frequently and hard they're going to need to be replaced. People's personal body chemistry is a factor as well. My sweat is like goddamn purified water or something, I use gloves daily and they're all perfectly fresh. There are other people who use theirs twice a week and they smell like burnt ass. If you fall in the latter category you're going to have to deal with a certain amount of stink no matter what you do.

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    I have found the cedar chips things to really help keeping the gloves in good condition. They sell premade ones called Glove Dogs for pretty cheap.

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    *shamed faced look*

    Um, I just use mine to death till they wear out and then buy new ones in a different color.
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    I spray mine inside and out with Lysol and hang them on PVC pipes in the garage. Also, I wear wraps almost religiously, that helps a lot with the sweat not staying in the glove as much. I thought about making my own cedar chip/sock to put in them, but they were pretty proud of cedar chips in the pet bedding part in the store ;p.


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