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    Reviewsday - Your Weekly Guide to All things Fighty

    And here it is another Tuesday, where we bring you a random collection of the latest reviews from our reviews section. Bullies are opinionated jerks, so for them reviewing things is almost as much fun as sparring; in both cases you get to hit things you may not like right in the face.

    It goes without saying that we're a collection of "alpha" individuals, but what you may not know is that we've also got one of the most intelligent groups of fighters and Martial Artists you'll find anywhere. Heck, we've even got a professor of philosophy (buy his book).

    So when we're not all fighty and smashy, we can generally string together a few sentences that effectively cut through the marketing BS of a product or service to bring you the raw info on whether something rules or sucks.

    For example:

    Scrapper, who's participation here over the years has eclipsed that other guy who wrote a website about lifting sandbags and used the same handle, to the point where he's now the official "Scrapper" on the Internet, chimed in with this review of the often maligned, infamous, budget firearm made by Hi-Point:
    The cheapest handgun I’ve ever purchased is the Hi-point C-9 9mm automatic. This weapon was purchased in a fit of frustration at the ridiculous cost of .357 this spring. I paid $168.00 for this hunk of metal, and it represents the quintessential “budget gun” in its execution.
    The full write-up can be found here.

    Want your review of a product or service related to combat sports, martial arts, fitness, or firearms featured here? Then write one, butthole! We round them up every Tuesday so get yours in now and let the whole world know that you have a valid opinion on something.
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