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    Judoka/Karateka from Sydney

    Hi guys,

    Been a longtime lurker, thought it was about time I introduce myself and take part in a little bit of discussion.

    I'm 27 years old and work in advertising.

    My martial arts background lies mainly in Judo, due to my family. My grandfather and father both did Judo and introduced me and my sister to it. I spent about 12 years training at local clubs in Melbourne and Sydney. I've competed nationally and represented Australia twice in the pan asian competition.

    I spent the two years in Japan as an exchange student and got my shodan there in a school club. While living and travelling there I discovered JJIF Jujitsu and spent about a year training hard in a club in Tokyo. Also one of my host families had a son that did Kyokushin Karate - which I attended from time to time. Whcih I quite enjoyed and thought I might explore someday.

    I also had the opportunity to attend a few sessions at a Pancrase (Shooto) gym. This was quite an experience. The guys were Pro or Semi-Pro - way beyond my skill level, strength and althetic ability. This was a very humbling experience for an overconfident 20 year old.

    I took a few years off during college - whilst destroying my body in every possible manner. I got back into Judo a little, but found that I needed to start a different martial art to regain interest.

    I decided I needed to finally learn some striking - I dabbled in some boxing and some Muay Thai. Although the Muay Thai was amazing for my fitness - I disliked the lack of ritual, tradition and philospohical aspects (in this specific gym that is). I ended up seeking out a Kyokushin (IFK) dojo which isn't far from where I live. It's not a hardcore dojo, very mixed levels. But I very much enjoy it. I've been doing it for 2 years now - I havent graded as I am not interested in grading. But I think I'll carry on with Kyokushin for sometime.

    Occasionally when visiting my Dad, I attend the local Judo club where he still trains to this day. And, even though he's close to 60. He can still fairly consistently beat me. I can only really overcome him with (err.. illegal) leglocks and holds he isn't familiar with.

    At some point I'd like to do Jujitsu again, however at this stage I can't find a JJIF dojo in Sydney.

    Okay I think I've written a bit too much. Anyway that's my journey in martial arts so far. I love it and love talking about it. Hope to have some interesting conversations with you guys in the future.



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    Welcome to Bullshido

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    Welcome to the forums.

    Always good to see another Aussie on the boards. You're in a good location to attend Throwdowns (forum meet-ups for the purpose of sparring and exchanging ideas), as the Sydney crew seems to be the most organized of the Aussie Bullies.


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    Welcome to BS :)

    You can't go wrong here:
    "I'm reluctant to sound like a total fa66ot as well, but my background in sculpture gave me an edge in understanding how we're expected to move thru space." - The Other Other Serge


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