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    Best Self Defense Seminar Trainings

    Hello all! I am trying to research the best practical self defense seminar trainings available today. Just to give some of my background, I haven't practiced martial arts in about 8 years. At one time I did about 10 years of Wing Chun (...I know, I know!! lol) and 3 years cross training in JKD and Kali (Doces Pares & Sayoc). For some reason, my friend (transit, NYPD) showed me the Philadelphia Subway incident where the EDP just starts wailing on some kid with a hammer. It really opened my eyes and am looking to reorient myself and start training again, but at a more realistic level. Mainly focusing on realistic practical defense against multiple opponents and knife attacks.

    Here are the programs I have been thinking about:

    Tom Sotis' AMOK
    Centerline's Red Zone
    ISR Matrix

    Are there any other solid programs/trainings I'm missing? Are the above ones I mentioned considered good?

    Any assistance would be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance.
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