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    Muscular imbalence in my back

    It was brought to my attention the other day, and confirmed by MC(who will take a picture) that I have a severe muscle imbalance in my back. My right side is much bigger than my left. I think the reason for this is, I haven't don't more than a few light lifting sessions in the past couple months, so the only strength development I've gotten is on the mat and I guess I use my right arm a lot more than my left. I think this had led to some pain in my neck and right shoulder (although my shoulders are symmetrical).
    What I want to know is: what sort of exercises should I be doing to correct this imbalence? Obviously, the first thing I'm going to do is use my left are more, not only for my back, but for my jiujitsu. I was also thinking some one-arm suitcase style deadlifts and some bent presses.
    Also, just to make things more difficult, my gym doesn't have any heavy dumbells (35kg max).

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    Pilates is all about dealing with stuff like that

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    You may want to include some one arm rowing, shrugs, posterior deltoid, and rotor cuff exercises for that side. Pretty much just add a few extra sets on that one side in addition to your normal back routine to help strengthen that side

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    1) utlise the left much more than right during JJ trianing. The easiest manner to do this would be to make sure you only drill the left side, not the right for a month or two. On the mat during rolling it will be much harder to control but try.

    2) Continue to do symmetrical back trianing strength workouts. BORs, Chins etc but ensure you use good form and you applying the weight evenly. Stop the workout when the left is getting near to failure, failure is bad form i.e. uneven distribution of weight.

    3) Finish your strength training workouts with additional hypertrophy work for the under-developed side. Dumbell rows, external rotators on the cable pulley machine and weight assisted one handed chins. Put this in the 15-20 range for reps for 2-3 sets abvout twice a week.

    4) Stretch throughly after workouts, particularly the stronger side. Stretch the traps, lats and rear delts, a great way to do this would the DC weighted style but conventionally would fine as well.

    5) Ensure you have good posture in the day and not over reliance on your right. If you use a computer for work, switch the mouse to the right side etc. Better thoracic mobility may help.


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