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    Quote Originally Posted by sparkliikarate View Post
    ok...sorry...but i was just defending my method because everyone was insulting it. what's the matter with that?
    You weren't defending it. You were trying to defend it, but what you were doing was making things worse.

    Quote Originally Posted by sparkliikarate View Post
    and ok, so it was dead for like a year. what difference does that make to you?
    This is a perfect example of how you were actually making things worse. These forums have rules. The rules are clearly posted at the top of the forum in threads labeled "[your name here]! READ ME!"

    One of those threads is entitled MABS: Purpose And Policy. In it, the following criteria are provided:

    Before replying in a thread in this forum ask yourself these questions:

    * Is my reply on topic?
    * Is my reply safe for viewing in most work environments?
    * Is my reply more than simply an agreement of earlier posts?
    * Am I posting for any reason other than just to be witty?
    * if this is an older thread, am I posting something that is new and useful?

    Once again, if you answerd NO to any of the above questions DO NOT POST A REPLY!!
    (emphasis mine)

    I can explain at some length why your post was not useful, but here's a hint:

    You registered the account "sparkliikarate" on 03-18-2009. Since then, the account "sparkliikarate" has made five posts, all of which are in this thread. These posts contain a number of claims, but provide no evidence.

    Now, let's say that someone else beat you to it. Let's say that Bob Smith, known liar, got here five minutes before you and registered that account. He could have posted in this thread too. Made whatever claims he wanted. Provided no evidence to support them.

    He could have said that John Douvris has three legs and foul body odor, and once got beaten up by an arthritic great-grandmother. He could have said that all Douvris students have ugly noses.

    Should we pay any attention to what Bob Smith says? No. He's a liar.

    We have no way of knowing that you aren't Bob Smith.
    Quote Originally Posted by Emevas View Post
    Downstreet on the flip-flop, timepants.

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    ok, that's exactly it though, i'm not a hardcore karate person, and i just said that some people want to get into karate but not be completely hardcore; and that should be ok and (ok, SOME) people shouldn't have a problem with that.

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    Wow, saved me a ton of time. Read The Dingo's and The Russ posts to make sure you understand why, your posts were moved.

    Douvris Martial Arts and Fitness Centers - McDojo(s) in Ottawa, Canada - No BS Martial Arts

    ok, that's exactly it though, i'm not a hardcore karate person, and i just said that some people want to get into karate but not be completely hardcore; and that should be ok and (ok, SOME) people shouldn't have a problem with that.
    People shouldn't have a problem with the opposite opinion but, we have two new posters that do. See the problem with your argument?
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    I've been a member at Douvris for a long time and I recently quit because my interests have changed. Now I started when I was young in my teens and it was a great place to be. I find they can be a little bit pushy to get you to join them and you do feel at times pressured to leave as soon as class is over because the next one is coming, but that is just business.

    Douvris like any other place is a business and they need to make money to survive. Hence the merchandise sales and birthday party hosting. When looking for a school you have to research and find what they are offering.

    Douvris offers fitness, point sparring, tournament katas and kids programs and a family hang out. If they sold food it would be like a Chuck Cheese. If that's what you are looking for then I recommend joining them.

    I was there for 15 years and back in the day it took 4 years to get a black belt, but today it can take up to a year. Now those young black belts are teaching which I consider to be dangerous because of their lack of knowledge and experience. Can you imagine a 15 year old black belt teaching me how to defend myself, when he's only been there a year.

    What I learned that was good at Douvirs, I learned good kicking and punching skills, my fitness was good and I managed to develop speed and power in katas and screaming KIAYE.

    The bad about it is that they also teach bad habbits. What I mean about that is that they go on Youtube, find something another system is doing and change it to their liking. They offer MMA classes now and I believe you can just easily learn from Youtube.

    In other words they are a good school if you're looking for what they offer. But if you are looking to compete and make money, do Boxing, MMA, UFC, something that pays to bash people in the ring. If you are looking for self-defense look up krav maga.

    Like I said at the beginning it was a good school, but as time gone by they slowly lost their edge. I personally give the school a 4 out of 10. Take it from someone who's been there and is happy for what he's learned, but I was there too long and it was time for me to move on. I'm glad I moved on and I read some of the comments about what people say about Douvris and I have to admit some of the stories are true. I'm glad I managed to stay under the radar at Douvris and never bought into their tournament team.

    The overall message about what I'm trying to say, do your research, it is your money and you wouldn't buy a car without trying it first.


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