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    here's another fitness gem! Who says the Koreans didn't invent the best things? Sorry for the redundant post but I uploaded this vid to the bulltube with hopes we won't loose it if it gets taken off of youtube. I figured it's time this thread reared it's ugly head again. It's come and gone a couple of times before and always seems to draw in some interesting material. It just makes me feel all that much better about my bench/squat rack purchase. I also got an infraction for using the word "gayest" in a post title. I guess I can see where the mods were coming from. But I like to bring the thread back to sock it to the man and whatnot.

    youtube link:

    badass link:

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    Please. I challenge someone to find a gayer fitness product.
    Anything that has Tony Little's name on it. Just that fucking ponytail speak L on forehead. But hey he's got more money than you and I?

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