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    My vote is for you to take your coaches advice. While everyone seems to have good suggestions, the bottom line is that none of us are seeing what EXACTLY is going on. I mean, heck, you didn't mention until well into the topic/thread that this is Orthodox vs. Southpaw.

    That said, your coaches advice is exactly what I was thinking when he said "Trick him...." You're giving up significant height and reach advantage, so you have to set him up. Practice feinting to get him to react to one thing when your intention is to do another. I like to feint with the lead Push Kick because it's real easy to follow up with just about any other attack if he "bites"....

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    I agree with the trickery, there is a good chance that he is not just throwing those push kicks at a really random time just because he is taller than you and wants to keep you away (skill disparity). He is reading for something that you are doing. He is probably timing for his push kick every time you move forward abruptly (most likely) and then perhaps faking that push kick again to throw that jab. Your right Omega, won't know if any of what I just said is even true unless we see a video.

    But assuming the above is true, feint forward and then try

    catch the push kick

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    Just want to say that my friend didn't come with me today, so I was unable to get a video, but...

    I listened to your suggestions and asked my coaches for additional advice. While I've not perfected these techniques, at least today, me and the tall guy were more even.

    I wasn't able to catch any kicks, but the trickery made him wary of using it. I avoided it a couple times, as well. I still got hit a lot too, but I caught him with a lot of things as well.

    The feinting worked wonders -- I avoided a lot more punches than usual and was able to counter with my own, and I stuck to using low kicks and managed to land one nice head kick and one alright head kick.

    My new problem is just getting hit sometimes when I kick. Otherwise, I feel like it was an over all improvement.

    Thanks to my coaches, and thanks to the guys that helped me out at Bullshido!

    PS: I'll still try to get a video or two of me sparring at some point, definitely. If not that, then at least a new shadowboxing video.
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    keep your attacks low, work on his legs and his midsection.

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