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    Quote Originally Posted by migo View Post try playing around with this URL, changing the numbers. It bugged out after me with 5 or 6, maybe they have limits based on IP, but it should give a better idea of what they're teaching.

    Isn't that the Combatives manual? You can download that whole document. It is free if you sign up. The sign up is free. Actually, I like this part, because I went through the combatives program a few years ago and I don't have any type of manual for what I did. Now, I can print this off just to show people what the guidelines are.

    Don't get me wrong here. I like the combatives program. I have said it on here before. I just don't see the reason for providing a belt level after completing it. I also don't think that it is the end all for martial arts. It is a good base to build off.

    I whole heartily disagree with the statement about not needing a striking art to compliment your ground fighting. I think that is just plain old ignorant.

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    Nope, that's different from the Blue Belt Qualification Manual.

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    MJJ FTW.

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    Quote Originally Posted by migo View Post
    Nope, that's different from the Blue Belt Qualification Manual.

    What? The link you provided is the combatives blue belt manual. Is there a different one? They are saying that combatives is the blue belt program. Why would there be separate manuals?

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    I think everyone who says quality control will be proven on the mat is being fairly naive. They're making a big deal of separating sport from street JJ and as such you're not likely to see any Gracie University guys entering tournaments(or fight mma for that matter).

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    Dokomoy has the correct. The GJJ guy I spoke to said he "used to be into the tournament scene", but now he's more focused on the self defense. "The only place my guys compete in is the real world."
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    Well, there is a simple reason for all of this... keeping the doors open.

    99.9999999999% of the people seeking martial art instruction are there for one reason, self-defense. Sadly of that 99.9999999999, 98.9999999999% will not train hard to gain legitimate skills for same.

    My Uncle had a saying, "once they hit the floor they hit the door."

    Sadly, when it is all "we are too deadly to spar," then we know where it leads.

    Everyone in the school doesn't have to do mma or be on the fighting squad. However, if a school doesn't have one, and a solid record, then how do you know the guy can teach? What is to be the test?

    There is a saying in England, "Train for Judo as a sport, and self-defense will take care of itself." Yet, how many people will really train for Judo as a sport?

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    Quote Originally Posted by diesel_tke View Post
    What? The link you provided is the combatives blue belt manual. Is there a different one? They are saying that combatives is the blue belt program. Why would there be separate manuals?
    The one migo is linking comes from the free introductory lesson: that link is the textual summary. There are pdf notes for each of the online lessons, which is advertised as one of the selling points over the DVD set.

    This is the full textual content (video here):

    Quote Originally Posted by Introductory Lesson notes
    Discussion Topics

    1) The Evolution

    Phase I:Gracie Jiu-Jitsu created by Helio Gracie
    Phase II: Rorion Gracie showed the world the necessity for the techniques
    Phase III: Ryron and Rener Gracie teach the world the essentials of Gracie Jiu-Jitsu

    2) What is Gracie Combatives?

    - 36 essential techniques
    - Most popular program at Gracie Academy
    - Adopted by U.S. Army, Navy Seals, Secret Service, and FBI
    - No experience necessary
    - Taught under the premise that learner has no previous experience but techniques will also compliment the experienced martial artist

    3) Three Most Common Questions:
    - What Makes Gracie Jiu-Jitsu Unique?
    -- Techniques based on leverage and timing instead of strength and speed
    -- Anyone can learn, man or woman, regardless of athletic ability
    -- Emphasizes preserving one’s energy while forcing opponent to defeat self

    - Why Not Use Groin Strikes & Eye Gouging?
    -- Very unreliable means of victory
    -- May make opponent more angry
    -- The controlling techniques of Gracie Combatives are much more reliable

    - How Does it Work Against Multiple Attackers?
    -- Most martial art falsely claim to be effective against multiple attackers
    -- Claims are based on perfect punches and kicks
    -- There is no martial art that is fully reliable against multiple attackers

    4) Getting Started
    - Learn from home at your own pace
    - It is recommended that you train at least twice a week
    - 30 to 60 minutes of training time per lesson

    5) Where to Train
    - Padded carpet will work
    - Use grappling mats if possible

    6) What to Wear
    - Techniques do not rely on Gi to be successfully applied
    - Comfortable exercise attire will work
    - Gi pants are preferred -Order Gi pants at

    7) The Perfect Partner
    - Use Solo Preparation Drills when along
    - You will need a partner to develop true reflexes
    - Find a partner who will be equally committed to the techniques

    8) Dynamic Reflex Development™
    - Each lesson is comprised of the following components:
    -- Technical Slices™
    -- Reflex Development Drill™
    -- Fight Simulation Drill™
    -- Mindset Minute

    9) Safety Tips
    - Warm up before each lesson
    - Go slow and focus on details
    - Speed is a result of practice
    - Tap out to prevent injury
    - Submissions - apply pressure slowly

    10) “Bad Guy” Reminders
    - Training partners must be committed to helping one another
    - Resistance should be minimal at first and then increase gradually
    - Do not hesitate to give feedback – coach each other

    11) Blue Belt Mindset
    - Must master all 36 techniques individually and in every combination
    - Focus on perfecting the 5 Blue Belt qualification Drills
    - Practice each technique on the left and right side
    - Go back and review previous whenever necessary

    12) Blue Belt Qualification Handbook
    - Complete breakdown of the Gracie Combative course
    - Take notes and track your progress to Blue Belt
    - Use it as a training guide when teaching others

    13) Tournament Training vs. Street Training
    - Most martial arts are designed for sportive tournaments
    - Gracie Combatives is designed entirely for real fights
    - During practice remember to keep it real

    14) Indicator Mastery
    - “Indicators” are the movements that trigger your employment of a technique
    - Focus on learning the specific Indicators for each variation of each technique
    - Once all Indicator responses are reflexive you will qualify for blue belt

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    Dammit, I'm changing my style field to indicate that the Gracie Jiu Jitsu I train is the non-tm interwebz-learnable version. My affiliation traces to this Gracie Academy, not this one

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    The quality of technical instruction on the samples looks really excellent. The kimura from guard one has just pointed out a couple of things I don't do right.

    The training seems to be all uke-tori, though. Without aliveness, let alone competent sparring partners, I can't see how their students will ever develop any real skills.

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