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    Diet Help

    I have sorted my training schedule out which looks like this.

    Monday - 11:30am - Treadmill running
    Monday - Evening - Kickboxing Class
    Tuesday - 11:30am - Treadmill running
    Tuesday - Evening - Weights
    Wednesday - 11:30am - Treadmill running
    Wednesday - Evening Kickboxing Class
    Thursday - 11:30am - Treadmill running
    Thursday - Evening - Bag work, conditioning
    Friday - 11:30am - Treadmill running
    Friday Ė Evening - Weights
    Saturday Ė Morning - Bag work, conditioning

    Now I need to sort my diet out. I haven't started on my improved training routine yet as I have hurt my foot. I know I will need to add more carbs to fuel workout. At the moment I have kept carbs low to get rid of the fat round the stomach but have also found myself being tired during the day.
    My diet currently looks like this.

    6:30am Optimum Nutrition 100% Whey Protein
    7:00am Quaker Oats with milk and a bit of sugar on top.
    9:30am 1/2 Tin Of Tuna, Cottage Cheese in Wholemeal Pitta Bread
    12:00pm Chicken Breast, Bag of Vegetables you can cook in Microwave. Apple
    2:30am 1/2 Tin Of Tuna, Cottage Cheese in Wholemeal Pitta Bread. Banana
    4:30 - 5:30 Gym
    5:30pm Optimum Nutrition 100% Whey Protein
    6:30pm Some sort of meat with jacket potato + veg.
    10pm Pint of Skimmed milk

    Kickboxing Days
    4:30pm Some sort of meat with jacket potato + veg.
    6:30 - 8:00 Train
    8:00pm Optimum Nutrition 100% Whey Protein
    10pm Pint of Skimmed milk

    Iím 5ft 8in and currently weigh 70kg (154lbs). I want to build strength and muscle and lose fat but don't want to lose speed for when fighting
    Iím going to add multi vitamin and oil capsules in the morning. How many of these should I take?
    Iím quite a fussy eater. I donít like eggs which is what a lot of people tend to eat.
    What changes would you make? Where should I add carbs. Need something after Kickboxing class. I find myself hungry in between meals but didn't want to eat more because I was watching calories. I have only been doing evening training so far

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    Ok well there's definitely a ton of people more qualified than me to help here, but my two cents are as follows:

    I would switch the quaker oats to steel-cut oats, as its all natural, healthier etc. As for caloric intake, according to Stronglifts, shoot for 18 calories per lb. so...for you maybe an even 2800. Definitely read the stickies in the forum, particularly the nutrition sections on, that will help you alot.

    In terms of building muscle, if you're doing treadmill running 5x a week, it will hurt your goals. If you're looking to work on conditioning, try sprints instead, odds are you'll burn more calories and be in better shape for your kickboxing (which I'm assuming is a priority because you're on these forums.) For more conditioning info, check out

    Add carbs when you feel like adding carbs, multivitamins....just take the recomended dose. If its two pills, you could take one at night and one in the morning. With fish oil, I've no idea. I personally take 2 of the basic gnc softgels twice a day.


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