We are building a new Martial Arts Facility and it's Coming To Idaho Falls, ID. We based the design from a few different gyms from California to Utah. We enjoyed our research and here is a glimpse into what we are building.

We are proud to present to you the creative minds of The Colosseum a complete product in the Mixed Martial Arts (MMA) gym industry. Our vision is to offer unparalleled fitness experiences through a martial art facility. Our target audiences at this time are individuals who have a very active life and want to spend time learning a discipline. We also focus on kids who are looking for a safe environment that is focused on their unique needs.

The Colosseum mission is to create a world class 30,000 square foot facility for MMA training and promotes the success of our clients in meeting their training goals more economically with the benefits of a specialized facility that focuses on their discipline.

The Colosseum will be holding events in the attached 46,000 square foot event center. The 3000-seat center is an exceptional venue for a wide spectrum of programs and activates such as Seminars, concerts, dance competitions, martial an art competition, body building competitions, ect. This will promote our trainers, sponsors, and events to grow the brands as a whole.