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    Level 3 sex offender running mma/bjj program in Tacoma/Puyallup WA - please read

    From Cindy "Sleeper" Hales, courtesy of It's now all over the net, actually. This dude lives in my neck of the woods and I really hope I don't bump into him when I'm having a shitty day. Pass it along, esp. if you live in the area.


    Shon K "hawiian hitman" Baker is a level 3 sex offender and also runs a MMA/BJJ program (Team Psycho MMA in Tacoma/Puyallup.

    The scariest part is that his school has a kids program and I have seen Shon at several grappling events coaching children. Please be aware that he has a history of sexual abuse against young 3-5 year old children. For more infomation go to

    Also here is additional info gathereed from a flyer obtained from the Peirce county sheriffs department

    According to official documents, BAKER sexually molested two family members including a four-year-old male, and a five-year-old female. BAKER also acknowledges offending against various family children including a three year old half-sister he molested. BAKER was sentenced to 78 months in prison for Child Molestation for the Snohomish County convictions.

    BAKER did not participate in Sex Offender treatment while incarcerated, and was evaluated to be a serious

    here is the definition of level 3 sex offender -
    Level 3 - These offenders pose a potential high risk to the community and are a threat to re-offend if provided the opportunity. Most have prior sex crime convictions as well as other criminal convictions. Their lifestyles and choices place them in this classification. Some have predatory characteristics and may seek out victims. They may have refused or failed to complete approved treatment programs. Fewer than 3% of all registered sex offenders in Pierce County are classified as Level 3 offenders .

    please keep Shon K Baker's name in the back of your mind in case he tries to come to your town and start a kids program.

    cindy hales

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    ewwww. This creep is painfully close to where I live

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    His creds...

    Not to mention his bio is kinda funky...

    His jiu-jitsu was in the "Machado System", not "Machado Jiu Jitsu" or "BJJ with the Machado Brothers"....

    According to his bio, he got his blackbelt from Jason Hunt. Jason Hunt is a blue belt (, so I guess he's a blackbelt in Jason Hunt's "vaunted" Krav-Jitsu.

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    Perhaps someone in the area can have some posters made of this turd and put them where he's teaching?

    Level 3 Offender
    NOTE: The person shown below is not wanted for any current offense. This notification is provided under the Sex Offender Notification Act to alert the public to a convicted sex offender that is believed to be a high risk to re-offend. This notification is not provided as punishment for the offender and any action by anyone as retribution towards the offender will be investigated by local law enforcement. The Sex Offender Registration law allows for the tracking of sexual offenders. It does not, however control the location of where offenders choose to live.
    NAME:Baker, Shon KoolauAGE:32 RACE:BSEX:MHEIGHT:6' 00"WEIGHT:250HAIR:BlackEYES:BrownCRIME(S) OF CONVICTION:Child Molest 1 DATE OF INITIAL REGISTRATION:2007 06 18LOCATION:7** block of S. SpragueDETAILS: BAKER , Shon K. is currently under the supervision of the Department of Corrections. BAKER is required to register as a sex offender for two convictions of sex offenses. BAKER sexually molested two family members: one four-year-old male, and a five-year-old female. BAKER did not participate in Sex Offender treatment while incarcerated, and is evaluated to be a serious risk for molesting young children. BAKER criminal history includes a 1987 Attempted Robbery 1st Degree.BAKERs criminal history and psychological profile have led authorities to classify BAKER as a Level 3 sex offender. This allows the Pierce County Sheriffs Department to disclose relevant, necessary, and accurate information to the public at large. The Sheriff´s Department does not have the authority to allow or disallow an offender to live at any address. If the offender is on active supervision by the Department of Corrections, they may have residence restrictions or stipulations regarding living near a school, which would be enforced by the Department of Corrections. If an offender has completed community supervision, they would not have such restrictions.
    In Washington State there are over 15,000 convicted sex offenders eligible for registration.
    There are over 2,500 registered sex offenders in Pierce County.
    Last updated 09/13/2007
    Please give us your comments, concerns and corrections to any information you think is in error.
    Pierce County Homepage

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    Ugh, hearing news like this is really terrifying, I'm only glad I don't live in WA

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    The website "TeamPsycho" is such a lameass bunch of wanna-be thugs. It really does reflect poorly on the sport as a whole.

    Thanks for putting this up, I'd gotten the email as well but I haven't had time to make a proper thread.
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    Here is the thread over on NHB gear.

    She's already gone to the police and found that he is not on any form of parole or probation that prevents him from "teaching" children.

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    Damn, talk about mis-using the guard!

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    At least we have this right in FL. These perverts get good long sentences in Fl for this ****. Also, they are not allowed near children EVER when they get out. We may have to deal with the Bible belt but at least we don't deal with these **** heads. I would love to see him in a dark alley.

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    Trained through his Brown Belt in Sierra Vista, AZ under Otto Ameperosa in the Machado system. Then received his Black belt under Jason Hunt with Team Shinja Martial Arts

    I can't find a school in Sierra Vista with an Otto Ameperosa, BUT I did find an "Ameperosa, O" teaching "Self Defense" at Cochise college in Sierra Vista:

    And then "Israeli Self Defense" the next year:

    (Search for 'ameperosa')

    Someone else mentioned that Jason Hunt is a blue belt in BJJ, so the black belt must be in some other martial art.

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