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    Knee Rash

    I've been practicing a lot of single and double legs as of late, and about two weeks ago a friend and I went to a local rec center to work on them. There they had some really old police dept. wrestling mats. They didn't really seem dirty, and I didn't think about the last time they were probably mopped. Having wrestled all through hs and being a grappler, I definitely know the importance of clean mats.

    Anyways, now I have a hideous rash on my knee. I've just made an appointment with a dermatologist for next Wednesday morning, but I was wondering if any of you knew what this is. It itches a lot and hasn't spread since it's onset. The blue is from scratching it during class through my jeans with a pen. There is no hair because I've shaved(as you can see, I have VERY hairy legs) it, thinking that would help with the itching.

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    You have ringworm. Buy some anti-fungal cream from the drugstore, it should clear up in about 2 weeks. Lotramin is a good cream (so I hear).


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