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    Prehab vs. Rehab (Combat conditioning vid)

    I was recommended to a video by Youtube, probably because A) I watch a lot of martial arts, B) I've been watching some conditioning-specific vids lately, and C) I watch a lot of Straight Blast Gym stuff. Looks like this guy is from SBGi (not sure who he is), and he's got a conditioning program.

    What made me post this is that he mentions prehab vs. rehab, variety in training, and sport-specific conditioning. These have been mentioned before here, and I read past the terms. Here he defines them.

    YouTube - Fundamental 5 principles of CC

    The prehab versus rehab point really makes me realize that I need to actually stop and think about what I'm training for, and how.

    PS. Jesus Christ, when will SBGi finally blow their load on the "fundamental 5," and give their dick a rest? Fun 5 of escapes, fun 5 of conditioning, fun 5 of top game...USE A NEW MNEMONIC!
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