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    June 11, 2002 -

    Mr. Meh defeated me in International style Checkers

    Mr. Meh = 20 Draw = 7 Alter7nate = 12

    My Checkers background is 750 games experience in American Checkers and 200 Pool Checkers battle with my dad. My rank at Yahoo.com is an above average 1735.

    Mr. Meh was a International Checkers player who learned his art from Africa.

    Today, I was defeated on the board by a whole bunch of International style Checkers player...who learned their art from Thailand.
    These guys at a funeral home play for money that's why they were all good players...

    I got whopped pretty bad on the 10X10 board by the top players...............but on the 8X8 Checkers board...I defeated all of my opponents, however I lossed many games despite the victories...and a couple of hard earned draws.

    I think it's time to start training in Pool and 10X10 International Checkers....sparring with a computer so that I'll never get defeated again like that...

    I already surrendered from Chess...it's just not fun.....

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    I found Chess a lot more fun than checkers but you've got to be on there 24/7 to get a good rank, not worth the effort.

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    for real...I've trained 120 hours...


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