I've been hearing little bits and pieces about both calorie restriction diets and resveratrol for a few years now, but have never really looked into either. The linked article gives a nice overview of both sides of the arguments for both, though seems to be slightly biased towards the diet.

My take thus far is that there are some fairly fantastic claims being made with mostly anecdotal evidence as support. Until more is known about both of these subjects, I don't think either holds too much weight.

Additionally, I was surprised with what they were claiming constitutes "restricted calories". When I am looking to pack on weight in a healthy way I struggle like hell to find things to eat to add caloric content (though that's a different topic). It seems to be that in large part some of the drastic changes in weight and health benefits may come just from eating healthier, more nutrient rich food rather than the bottom of the barrel crap that seems to be used as a basis for comparison.

Personally I'm not willing to do extensive amounts of research on the subject, but I was curious what all of you nutritional experts and amateurs out there in the land of internet knew and thought about the merits of calorie restriction and/or resveratrol.