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    While you're fasting (in this case, sleeping), your blood sugar and insulin go down and cortisol goes up.

    What's that? You want - nay, demand - a graph? Fine, here you go (specifically page 4).

    There's also your level of physiological arousal (LOL BONERS)... if you're not wide awake, you're probably not going to get much out of your nervous system.

    That said, I currently plan to find some way to integrate some brief, high-intensity energy system work in the morning - maybe just after eating, maybe immediately before. I theorize that it'd result in a metabolic boost throughout the day.
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    Personal choice.

    I do my conditioning workout from 4 to 7:30 AM, either just as I wake up (if I wasn't working the night before) or just as I get home from the club. Empty stomach, either way.

    For technical stuff, sparring, randori and so on...well, it's whenever the other bouncers feel like getting together, usually early afternoon. Again, empty stomach if possible.

    There are a number of claims and counter-claims about time of day, how much should be in your stomach, and so on. Personal preference is probably the way to go. As stated earlier in the thread, you will get used to the morning workout...and if you do a demanding one, why wait all day looking forward to having to do it? Get it over with and enjoy the rest of your day.

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    thanks for the input. i've been getting lots and lots of conflicting info on whether or not cardio is better in the morning, or if weights are better on a full stomach, etc.

    i was gonna go again in the morning, but there is no way i'm getting to bed on time for it. sucks, i know. but **** happens.

    i will be committing to a week of morning workouts in the near future to see how they go. the only problem with morning workouts that i see, is that the climbing wall isn't open yet. and anybody who reads my training log in the BBClub knows how much i fucking love the climbing walls for warm ups.

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