I just thought i would post this in Newbietown due to the sheer obviousness of what I'm about to say. I just had my first lesson at a Gracie Barra School in Bellingham Washington located in the Pacific NW Karate Center. :ChallengeAccepted:

I initially walked in and saw like 10,000 little munchkins in yellow belts screaming and kicking each other and I immediately regretted walking in, but when the BJJ class started it was all as legit as I could tell. No Bullshido in that department as far as I can tell.

BJJ is awesome. I just had my first day of class and I got kneed in the face and bled profusely, pulled a muscle in my calf and it spasmed up and hurt like a bitch, and for some reason neither of those bug me in the slightest.

I just keep thinking about the 1 tapout i pulled out of my ass (armbar from the guard), and the countless sweeps and guard passes and rolling and how god damn exhausted I got just trying (key word) :HerpDerp: not to be tapped out or swept and how much fun it all was.

I will continue training in BJJ. I just wanted to reveal my conversion and show my appreciation to this website for finally pushing me over the edge into training something alive and real. Thanks guys.
Smileys are bonus.