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    Training device for my daddy

    Hi all,

    My father is looking for a new stationary bike, crosstrainer, or whatever.
    He is 70 years old and has lately had to deal with a worsening diabetes,
    so he needs a very effective machine to help him keep his sugar down.

    What kind of stationary device would you recommend?

    My father does not really have to drop weight, just to do his daily minutes on the machine.

    Is there maybe a crosstrainer with a seat for him to sit down when he tires or something alike?



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    gah, transition again
    A rowing machine, perhaps? Out of all the 'useless machines' a rowing machine is generally viewed most favourably by 'professionals'. Crossfitters love 'em to death, various T-nation coaches vouch for 'em.
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    Will present that idea to my old man, thanks a lot. :)

    He's more interested in some sort of cross trainer, but I am not so convinced about that.


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