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    Quote Originally Posted by Uncle Skippy View Post
    Seems like this kick would only really be safe when thrown from your opponent's weak side (step offline outside of their lead leg). From straight on or on their strong side, because it is within punching range, you'd be very open to being KTFO.

    I have long legs and would think this kick would be difficult to pull off, but hey, I've never thrown it in sparring before (so I am just guessing... :-P). I'm also a lefty so I'd think it would be extra awkward for me to throw it. Landing it would rotate them towards me bringing us face-to-face and their cross within range. :-/
    I've always found it super useful to step to the orthodox guy's left side and leg kick. I'm also southpaw but medium-short limbs.
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    Quote Originally Posted by honest_truth View Post
    , just not sure how bending your kicking leg knee produces more power.
    I think it's because when you bend your leg, your forcing your body weight and more momentum behind it in order to connect, as opposed to just snapping it out. It's the same with any strike, he sacrifices speed for power. Whether it is better or not depends on what you want to acheive.
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    Your input is welcome but when you only have one post and post up two links it doesn't look good. Links removed.

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    I've never even heard the words "Old Style" and "Ring Style" before seeing this video

    I think this guy just cant kick and doesnt realize that there are different ways of kicking and different preferences. Just because your trainer teaches one style of kicking doesnt mean you should confine yourself to that kick.

    I know of trainers who like that "old style kick" and I know trainers who like that "ring style kick". Personally, I use the "old style kick" for low kicks and the "ring style kick" for body and head kicks.

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    i guess range and situation determine the kick. If your opponent is farther away your leg will straighten itself out anyway

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