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    I am thrilled with the level of instruction and personal attention that I have recieved over the past 15 months. The equipment is addequate, but having shiny new pads has never been a prerequsite for great technical training. I am not just saying that out of teacher worship either, Rodrigo won the world title for his weight class in brazil in the 1990's. Our team, The Revolution Team, has won four national championships in a row. However, even if you don't compete, Rodrigo gives you all of the personal help that time will alow. He is one of the original Carlson Gracie team members, and is considered to be one of the best BJJ technicians in the world. Our school houses two world champions in the blue and purple belt divisions. Rodrigo has also staffed his academy with three top-of-the-line BJJ BB to aid in instruction . Rodrigo trained and lived with Vitor Belfort. To say that the atmosphere is friendly would be an understatment. In fact, from the fist day just about every member shakes your hand to welcome you, and the second day, it was hugs. I mean, for Christ's sake, Clark Graicie trains at my academy, and if he chooses it, you know that it is top notch. The only down side is that we recive little stand up insrution, and no striking whatever. Still though, if you want to learn some of the finest BJJ in the world, then PB fight is the place to go!
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