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    Haislet repub

    By special request of BullShido's own Hesperus, I have republished Edwin L. Haislet's "Boxing."

    Hesperus provided me with a PDF of raw scans (which I assume has made it's way around). The advantage is that the repub is searchable, text is copy/clip-able, and I spend a fair amount of time retouching and repair pics (including adding half a face and a foot in one case).


    Edwin Haislet, noted Boxing Coach, wrote his seminal book on the subject in 1940.

    Haislet served as Executive Director for the Department of Alumni Relations, University of Minnesota.

    His boxing credentials come from his time served as Boxing Coach and Assistant Professor of Physical Education and Recreation there, as well as Director of the Northwest Golden Gloves.

    Still considered one of the most relevant early 20th Century books on Boxing, Haislet's work is known for his advice on footwork, training, and his inclusion of the Inside and Outside Triple.

    As usual, the dl is free. And the treeware version is cheap (I'm not making any "profit").

    Peace favor your sword,

    (note: Crossposted here because I forgot about the new WMA forum and posted it in the YMAS forum by habit)

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    *puffs out chest and polishes buttons*

    Here's my vote for the first sticky of the WMA forum being Mr. Lawson's Lulu storefront. 'tis a goldmine.


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