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I rag on schools that take a mixture of martial arts and call it an MMA class, so I don't see why I should make an exception for Bartitsu.

Bartitsu might even be a good way for preparing for MMA, but it isn't MMA. For me MMA is a form of competition that allows fighters from different martial arts backgrounds to take part.
Sorry, I missed this earlier.

By "original MMA" I was referencing the way Bartitsu is sometimes described today; obviously, it predated the modern MMA movement by the best part of a hundred years, so that particular description was never used when Barton-Wright was alive. I did mean to imply that it was literally a mixture of martial arts, or an eclectic style, as we used to say back in the pre-UFC Dark Ages.

That said, since Bartitsu actually was used in mixed-styles competitions circa 1900, I guess it came pretty close to being an Edwardian equivalent of what we would think of as MMA.