since i've had to take an extended break from MA to rehab my fubared hamstring, i'm starting a new workout program in the gym. now, anybody that would know me IRL would tell you i'm horrible about half assing in the gym unless i have a work out partner to keep me motivated throughout the whole work out session.

one of my buddies in california told me about using an iphone app called "gym buddy". it works just like any gym log, except it does graphs and calculations on the fly for you, and you can email progress reports out of it. so, now i can keep up with my friends and they can keep me motivated.

i haven't had any problems with it yet, but i also haven't used all the features of it yet either. works out nice as it keeps my mp3s playing in my ears and replaces a pen/paper log sheet as well as keeping with progress charts and accountability to friends.

decent program overall. worth the 5 bucks from the app store.