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    Help with getting in shape

    First, I have been back going hardcore Muay Thai classes 2-3 times a week. [I tore my calf and the ligament off my big toe] I do a MMA/Wrestling Radio show so I miss Thursday nights. On Friday and Saturday I do the fitness class which is beatin the hell out of a bag and throw in sit ups, mountain crawlers, pushups and jumpin ropes. Muay Thai is 90 Mins, Fitness is 45. But I go 5 days then 3 days then 5 days a week.

    I'm 33 5'11 190 right now

    Tuesdays are sparring only and Im noticed myself getting in better shape, I went 8 mins straight, and I figure I might be able to do three rounds now.

    I was wondering what is the best way to get in shape. Is it gassers? is it running like 2 miles? Jumpin rope? Basically I wanna be able to look like GSP and go 9 rounds !

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    Check out the book 'Training for Warriors' by Martin Rooney for excellent conditioning advice
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    High Intensity Interval Training. For example, Tabata intervals. You need short bouts of high intensity interspersed with short rest or low-work periods to accomplish what it sounds like you're looking to accomplish. I believe this is partly about teaching your body to more efficiently metabolize lactic acid, but I'll not be surprised if that information is wrong or out of date. There's a couple posters who understand these issues far better than I do.

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    So you hit average of 4 classes a week, of which you say are pretty intense. What's the problem here?
    You are not happy with results thus far?
    You have time/energy/ability to do more and just do not know where to start?
    Have you payed equal attention to your diet, sleep, etc? "In Shape" is not limited to workouts.


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