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    Quote Originally Posted by mike321
    A few thoughts on this:
    1) Any drug that changes metabolism is big medicine. (It will very probably have big side effects.)
    2) Any drug that changes hunger is big medicine. (It will very probably have side effects.)
    3) Any drug hat does 1 or 2 with minimal or no side effects, even with major side effects would be big news and famous.
    Ironically enough, such a drug (#1) does exist, and it is very famous, though not for that reason. You may have heard of it.

    It's called caffeine.

    It's a stimulant (metabolic boost), and more significantly, it's metabolized into paraxanthine. Paraxanthine is also a stimulant, but better yet, it stimulates release of fatty acids into the bloodstream.

    But yes, being a stimulant, it does have side effects. If you take too much, it's liable to cause heart attacks (particularly if you take a bunch just before strenuous exercise). If you take it too late in the day, it'll disrupt your sleep patterns.
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    Good call on caffeine. Unfortunately it is not powerful enough to overcome my overeating!

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    I've heard of a revolutionary product called "Less food" is helping people.

    It's from the company that brought you "More Exercise"

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    L-carnitine? But the supplement won't work by itself.

    Follow the other sensible advice: eating less, and doing more...Hardest part, I found, was changing how I thought about it all. Make it a positive thought pattern "I'm going to lose weight," rather than, "I can't eat this, or this, or this..."
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    Quote Originally Posted by JohnnyCache
    I've heard of a revolutionary product called "Less food" is helping people.

    It's from the company that brought you "More Exercise"
    Now, if the company promises results with just 5 minutes a day, then retards... err... people might pay attention to this excellent product :)
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    Quote Originally Posted by Teh El Macho
    Now, if the company promises results with just 5 minutes a day, then retards... err... people might pay attention to this excellent product :)
    Hundreds of people have had success in only five minutes a day using Dr Tabata brand supplements.

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    Eat right, exercise. Green Tea and Fish Oil will help. I am still wondering when all these people will learn that thee miracle diets and pills are ****. Even in the commercials for these products they say to get the big results you need to have a strong diet and exercise. I take stacker and it does help, but I also have a strict work out routine.

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    Last night, his big guy comes into the supplement shop I work part time at, and asks if we have a particular fat burning pill that happens to be out of production. I say "Sorry dude, how about this one over here? You only have to take one pill a day and it's our best seller."

    "No. Can't do it. I tried it. It didn't really help to curb my appetite any."

    "Oh...okay, man...well what about Meltdown. Have you tried that?"

    "Yea, that one either. Didn't do a dayum thing for my appetite."


    So, reluctantly, I go down the list of every single fat burning, fat incinerating, fat zapping wonder pill we have, and lo and behold, he's tried them all. Every single one, with each having absolutely no effect on his monstrous appetite.

    He'd tried everything. Everything that is, except from exhibiting a tiny bit of self control and not gobbling up every fucking thing in sight.

    My stance on fat burners is that it's only the caffeine which is worthwhile, for the reasons Russ mentioned, so you might as well just buy caffeine pills for ten bucks, and furthermore that it is only worthwhile if used in conjunction with serious cardio to stimulate your metabolism and heart rate so that you burn more fat while you excercise.
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