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    Quote Originally Posted by mike321
    So those with knowledge a few questions:

    Is gear even the right approach to this?
    Back to headgear, does it do any good ?
    Does glove size manner?
    Do knock out strikes usually = concussion?
    For boxing I don't think headgear matters much at all.

    Matter of fact, I've never suffered a concussion from a street fight, but I have in a boxing ring during a sparring session while wearing 16 oz gloves AND headgear AND a mouthpiece.

    First the headgear. I've always felt headgear protects you more from getting cut than from a concussion.

    Second, the mouthpiece. Pretty much prevents teeth from being shattered from a forceful blow and prevents a loose jaw from being broken because one can clench his jaw tighter with the mouthpiece.

    Third, the gloves. Gloves protect a puncher's hands, not so much the receiver's head from the puncher's punches. Protected hands allow one to throw much harder punches without risk of injury to the hands than one would throw had they not been wearing protection at all.

    Typically knockout strikes are dynamically more concussive than say a flurry of jabs, but I think less than knockout strikes can possibly have a cumulative effect. That's why it's probably smart not to spar hard more than a couple times a week or a pounding head can make you pay for it.

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    come on aussie boy, there is nothing to see here, just keep moving along.

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    TheRuss: that is some scary **** in those pictures. i know of one time i definately recieved a concussion, and 2 other times that it may have/probably happened. i'm glad they were all many years apart, but still.... those pics gave me the heeby jeebies like nobodies business.

    now i see why one of my doctors (former ringside doc) was so eager to try to use my thalessemia to get me out of martial arts.

    +rep to you and the OP

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