I injured my knuckle several weeks back blocking improperly in karate. My right middle knuckle met a shin bone and ouch! The bruising is gone, but I am still experiencing tenderness-particularly when I do bag work. I have been trying to take it easy though and bought knuckle guards to wear until it's healed. I scheduled to see my doctor about it next Wednesday.

My knuckle is larger than the other and slightly misshapen. There is also a soft part on the right side of the joint,but it firms up when I make a fist. I'm not sure, but I suspect I have a bone bruise or soft tissue damage. I don't believe it's broken because I have full articulation and don't lose strength when I make a fist.

Had anyone had a similar injury to this? What else can I do to help it heal, while still participating in my activities: karate, boxing and grappling.