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    Quote Originally Posted by lamesurfer101

    Maybe sometime I'll post some more workouts. In the meantime, keep doing plyometric push-ups. They make me more aggressive for some reason... When my tits are mad I gets teh N1Nj4 p0w3r5...
    forgive me for asking, are pliometric the one's where your hands are close together? I hate them, they'd make me Boobangry myself:eusa_snoo

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    Oh you mean Diamonds... nah... close grip pushups aren't plyometrics... per se.

    Plyometric Push-ups are those jump push-ups you see Big Bad Mofos do where they push off the ground into the air and clap their hands together. This is phenomenal for building punch speed and explosive pushing, without creating so much bulk as to sacrifice flexibility.

    Basically all workouts are designed to target three different aspects. Strength(how much you can work), Endurance (How long you can work), and Power (How fast you can work). In a fight you want all three. Pushing/Pulling heavy weight(strength), staying active for long periods of time (endurance), and striking/moving quickly (power).

    Swimming can target mostly Endurance, with a little Power, and some Strength depending on how you train. Regular Pushups target Strength and Endurance. Bench Press pretty much only targets strength. Plyometric Push-ups target Strength, Power, and Endurance. A great Combination...

    And they make my tits angry... angry frothing wolves... loping about the forest in search of its prey under a maddening moon. Angry... Hairy Tits...

    PS If you hate Diamond Push ups, do dips, skullbreakers, or tricep dip pull downs. All of which target your Triceps (one of the most important muscles in striking).

    PSS Boobanger, otherwise known as Titwrath- is a wonderful thing, just embrace it.

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