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    Strike Boxing Club

    Strike Boxing Club is Muay Thai, Boxing and BJJ gym. there are beginner classes for the Muay Thai, and after that you have the abilty to start traning Boxing or continue with the Muay Thai. Anyone can jump join the bjj classes, regardless of experince. there's also a MMA class for people who have completed they muay Thai Beginner class and the first "season" of BJJ.
    The Muay Thai is often where you just begin with Sit Ups and push ups and then train different techniques of heavy bags and pads. Sometimes there's also some light sparring even for the beginners.
    they have a small sized ring on the first floor where many MMA and Muay Thai competitions have been fought. There's always some kind of music playing in the background and someone who screams to you to work harder, which is great for keeping the steam going. the whole problem with this floor is that it's so damn small. you're constanly elbowing each other without even noticing before it's too late. but still it's great fun and also good for training the stamina.
    on to the BBJ/MMA classes.
    the mat is VERY small sized and you're constantly bumping in to each other. we drill often things over and over again which i think is good to remember the details. but the best thing about the class is that we roll every class the las forty minutes. I it is alot of fun, especially when there's a new guy. for example one day a huge 240 pund monster came into the class.
    he had trained thai boxing for a while but wanted to know what we were doing on the floor below, and guess what happened? he muscled me down to my guard and: Triangle, triangle, triangle... well it just showed my traning hd payed off. my technique could know beat some one who weighed more that double than my own size, which felt great. we are not allowed to do neck cranks but white belts (like myself) are allowed to do leg locks which is pretty weird. in the mma class everything is mixed up of course. first you run up the stairs, dome some Thai, down again, roll for a couple of minutes, work through all the submissions and passes with at least 3 strikes to the head between, get up, some physical excersice and then rest. it's intense as hell. neck cranks and all that are allowed on the mma classes, but elbows are only allowed to those who has trained a long long time.
    Well that pretty sums it up!!
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