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    Returning to training?

    I have not trained for about 7 months now. Around last August I was doing takedowns, my left foot caught in the mat, and my knee rotated on the way down.

    So many months later and one knee reconstruction/meniscectomy later, I am looking at returning to training mid May of this year. The problem is I have not trained at all or kept my fitness level up beyond rehabilitation.

    I've started to slowly introduce the following into my daily rehab to prepare me for training:

    Upper body weights
    Light shadowboxing (not pivoting on hooks)
    Light stretching (especially of lower limbs)
    Ab work
    Neck exercises

    Rehab consists of:
    Light jogging
    100 m "fast" running (physio warns me off sprinting)
    Weighted leg exercises

    Anything I've missed and should add on? I am very wary of sideways movements still, it has been around 4 months since surgery.

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    Ask your trainer how to step up the cardio without "fast" running. My ex-gf did elliptical and stationary bike (spinning class?) after her ACL reconstruction. Remember, the worst (and most common) time to injure yourself is...right after you healed from the same injury. Take it real easy on that knee. Err on the side of caution and listen to it.

    Don't overstretch.


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    You are quite correct, I forgot to mention - cycling is done for rehab purposes. I'll hit that harder now. After cycling every day on the same goddam bike for nearly two and a half months in the same room, I was losing motivation.

    I actually want to ramp up the stretching. After going for so long without stretching, I feel like my glutes and hamstrings are like rock and in need of serious work.

    I'll definitely add swimming to my list.


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