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    Training Question

    So about 2 months ago I started on the Stronglifts 5x5 routine, which I had found through this site (thanks by the way). Over my previous half assed body building routine I was seeing gains in my strength, which is what I really wanted anyways. My problem now is this, I do BJJ about 4 times a week (anymore and my bady gets way to worn out) and I would like to try and increase my cardio. Through T-nation I found Chad Waterbury's Full Throttle endurance program (a more commercial gym friendly version of his Hammer Down Endurance), which I would like to give a shot.

    My question is, should I change from Stronglifts suggested 3 days a week to 2 days a week? If I did this I would do Full throttle the suggested 3 days a week, and continue BJJ 4 days a week. Figured I would see what you guys suggested since I've already gotten a lot of inadvertent help from all of ya.

    Thanks in advance.

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    The weeks around here only have 7 days, so you have to be talking about doing some of these things together on the same day. Your body needs recovery time. Can you be more specific about your proposed routine (i.e. monday - BJJ and stronglifts, tuesday - full throttle, wednesday-rest) so that the educated folk around here can give you an appropriate answer?

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    Sure, sure, sorry about that. Monday is lift and Bjj, Tuesday full throttle, Wednesday lift and BJJ, thursday full throttle and bjj, friday rest, saturday BJJ and full throttle. That's at least what I was thinking it would look like if I drop my Friday lift. On Monday and Wednesday I lift in the morning before my classes, and BJJ happens something like 10 hours after my lift. Also, I can usually work in a nap on those days. Tuesday and Thursday I have to get up fairly early for work (3:30 in the morning) but I'm out by 1 and I have class at three. This should be more than enough time to do Full Throttle.

    Sorry for not being more specific in my first post, thanks for the catch Skilful. I know what I'm talking about, but sometimes I forget other people may not.


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