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    Quote Originally Posted by Lily
    My 'package' got kicked during sparring once, I felt like I'd cracked in half though it didn't stop me continuing. Took about a week to get over the sudden pains that would overcome me at random times.

    Then another time during groundwork, a guy who fortunately only outweighed me by 50lb put his knee on my 'package' (he was in my guard) and tried to get the mount. I tapped out from the sheer pain and for weeks afterwards I used to feel sharp shooting pains at the front of my 'package' bone.

    Fortunately my top package is elusive/small and I'm not that tall so it isn't a common target at training.
    Wow, so women *are* vulnerable to groin attacks. That's really good to know. Thank you very much for sharing, Lily.
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    Quote Originally Posted by M.C.
    And I thought I could never use this anywhere ....
    Thank u for that! :fist:

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