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    i've been a student of Khunpon for over 3 years now and I don't think there is a better Muay Thai instructor in the southeast, if not the entire east coast. True, there are a few names (even in Atlanta) who might boast of excellent reputation and fight records, but when it comes down to the instruction of the art - Khunpon does it the best and his team exemplifies it. His record ain't too shabby either... nor is his client roster (he just doesn't really brag). If you get a chance to train with him or any of his fighters, I highly recommend it. They're incredibly receptive to beginners and everyone who wants to get into the sport, be it for competition or just to get back in shape. Khunpon is exceptionally intuitive when it comes to the human body and knows just how far he should push his students and when he should hold back. Ladies, don't be intimidated!! I was at first but the kickboxing class is SUPER fun and I'd much rather learn my technique from a 5 time world champion and his students than other "fighters" who only have a few amateur fight (losses) on their records. The loyalty and respect his students have for him speaks for itself, but see it for yourself.

    check out vids of Khunpon's fights and the training at Bangkok Boxing on youtube
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    Khunpon definitely knows his stuff. I trained with him some when he was still at Knuckle Up and picked up a few things from him. If I could get more opportunity to train with him to help develop my clinch game I would. He's got a lot of expertise when it comes to muay thai technique, if you can get it out of him.

    Last I heard his gym didn't have much in the way of equipment, though that was a few months ago so maybe they've upgraded the facilities by now.

    edit: after watching the youtube video it looks like they have in fact upgraded :) Looks like a good gym


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