Rules Of Posting:

  1. Don't be a retard. "LOL GUN-FU ROID BEEFCAKE WAAATAAAH" will get you fucking nowhere, I promise you. I deal with that **** enough already on youtube - I won't have it here.
  2. Don't be a bovine and make an effort to use paragraphs, specially if you are going to type a lot. This is a courtesy to the readers. That is, if your post looks like this, and if you keep insisting in posting like this, I'll send your post to trollshido, even if you are making a valid point.
  3. Feel free to ask questions in the appropriate thread. If you don't know where to put it, just ask and we'll help you.
  4. Any question is usually a good question. Just make sure you put some thought behind it, though. There is a big difference between "How should I start working out for strenght?" and "how do workout?"
  5. Keep questions and coments on topic. If your question or topic is not on topic, please create a different thread, if one does not exist already that answers your questions.
  6. Comedy posts and one-liners are welcome, so long as they are on-topic and we don't have a noise-to-signal ratio of 100 or something.
  7. If the comedy goes out of hand, I'll move them all out.